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We don't believe its effective to tell people how to use specific functions in MS products, assuming they will work how out to apply them to their work. Instead, we identify what your staff currently use and teach them:

1. How they could be using it more efficiently.

2. What additional outputs they could be producing to save time in other aspects of their work.


Summary Details

Course content: Content will be tailored to your business but you can see course summaries and content options below.

Location: Courses can be run in your offices, at locally hired training venues in the South East or via desk-based video/screen-sharing.

Attendees: Courses will be dedicated to your staff (recommending a maximum of 8 at a time) with no others attending.

Format & Duration: Courses can be delivered as half-day/full day classroom training or 1 hour desk-based modules depending on your preferences.

Dates: Dates are completely flexible and based on your preferences.

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Below are the current MS Office courses we offer

Click on ‘view course content list’ to see a full list of content options. *Please note: there are no course durations shown as this depends on your requirements, please use the enquiry form to advise and we will respond.


It's more than likely that your staff are carrying out manual tasks that could be automated or accelerated in Excel. Our Excel training will open up what else it can be used for and how it can be used more efficiently by staff members at different levels:

BASIC: How to enter, copy, format and print simple information (e.g. data, rotas etc.) and use shortcuts to complete tasks quickly.

INTERMEDIATE: How to develop tools to support your business (e.g. surveys, data collection forms, risk management tools, plans and reports that automatically update PowerPoint presentations).

ADVANCED: How to use complex functions to aggregate, split, compare, summarise, rearrange, check and interlink business information (e.g. to calculate and track sales, service usage, costs, budgets, forecasts etc.).

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There is nothing worse than sitting through a presentation that consists of lines and lines of text on slides with no clear direction, i.e. 'Death by PowerPoint'. We can teach your staff how to:

  • Structure their presentation into a clear 'story' that clients or colleagues will buy into.
  • Incorporate more interesting content such as embedded videos, cropped pictures, animation, shapes/diagrams, tables, processes, plans, embedded exercises, links between sections, progress bars, embedded excel graphs etc.
  • Use shortcuts and formatting tools to generate presentations more quickly and easily.


Your company is likely to use MS word regularly to produce letters, invoices and formal documents. Our Word training will teach your staff how to make these look more professional and take less time to produce. Depending on their level this may cover:

BASIC: How to format word documents, letters, invoices, meeting minutes etc.

INTERMEDIATE: How to generate and manage formal documents/reports by using indexing, footnotes, change tracking, tables, watermarks, conversion to PDF etc.

ADVANCED: How to use more complex functions such as mail merging and linking documents to excel and outlook to save manual effort.


Your staff are more than likely spending more time than they need to managing their emails and calendars in Outlook.
We can train them how to organise their work more efficiently, using its various functions:

  • Email writing: How to format emails and add hyperlinks, tables, screenshots, attachments, signatures, voting options, reminders, delivery receipts etc.
  • Email management: How to organise emails into folders, set up rules, archive mail, set up automatic replies and search email folders.
  • Calendar management: How to schedule appointments/recurring appointments, check/track availability, change calendar visibility, change calendar layout and create/manage tasks.
  • Contact management: How to create and manage contacts and contact groups.

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If you want your company to deliver consistent quality at a minimum cost the only way to do it is to have clearly defined processes and consistently look at ways to improve them. If you cannot justify purchasing licences for more advanced software you can use MS Visio to do this, or cheaper still do so in Excel or PowerPoint. We can teach your staff how to use any of these options to:

  • Represent and link activities, decisions, end points or system-driven steps for a process.
  • Add functions and annotate processes with notes or data (e.g. timing/quality info).
  • Link processes to demonstrate the overall architecture of your business.
  • Identify opportunities to improve processes by changing steps/roles/systems.
  • Document your org chart, value chain or business functions.

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