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Business training for Transport for London
EDF Energy work with Silver Bullet Business Training Solutions in London
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AssetPlus Project - design and delivery of training programme
for delivery to 160+ teams and c.10,000 staff members nationally.

You have been responsible for firstly developing the training strategy, and subsequently leading the training materials development as well as delivering training courses to YOT staff. The task has not been straightforward but your commitment and flexibility has been outstanding with the result that the quality of the training output has been exceptional, this has been reflected in the formal feedback received from stakeholders. Your knowledge and expertise of training development through to delivery has clearly been demonstrated on this project.

Jill Thibaut - Project Manager, Youth Justice Board

You were able to bridge the various elements of project management, working with young people and the navigation of a new assessment framework. You made the complex appear simple and were able consistently to support the trainee focus on getting the best assessment and therefore outcome for the young person.

Chris Clarke, Operations Manager, Flintshire Youth Offending Team

We couldn’t have asked for a more supportive and knowledgeable advisor. From keeping me on track with the Implementation Plan, throughout the training and afterwards up to and beyond going live you have unfailingly come up with the goods in terms of advice and support, whatever issues arose.

Sheila Lowe, Operational Manager, Conwy & Denbighshire Youth Offending Team

Development of a performance management framework for the ESCS Transformation division of EDF Energy

A wholehearted “thank you” for the work that has gone into producing the Performance Pack for today’s meeting. The whole executive team was complimentary about the progress made and we now have an excellent baseline from which to work.

Julia Sherwen, Head of Capability and Performance, ESCS Transformation. EDF Energy

Development of a business strategy, organisation structure and new business model for the
ESCS Transformation division of EDF Energy following its merger with British Energy

I am very pleased with the output you have produced and the process you have helped us through in the past few months. Thank you very much, this is very valuable and should give us a head start for 2010.

Benoit Laclau, Director of ESCS Transformation, EDF Energy

The following is feedback from a manager of the division after attending a conference outlining the strategy and framework described above:

It was fantastic to see you and your leadership team together; physically and more importantly, totally aligned to the common message. With the team make up that we have, we often have different approaches and priorities but yesterday your whole team spoke with one voice and delivered one message. The level of preparation from the introduction video, the slides and the video messages was the best I have ever seen (and I have seen a few!). A very slick delivery which helped me to feel that I was part of a professional team.

You joined EDF Energy with a very strong skill set gained as a consultant at Capgemini. You immediately brought value to EDF Energy’s energy trading division using your excellent personal skills; consultancy skills and experience; and your ability to understand a complex trading environment very quickly. You were  able to focus on the important aspects of any project and to deliver to time and quality. This was demonstrated when you took on additional responsibilities for Business Continuity arrangements, implementing revised requirements and processes across the division.

Phillip Twiddy, Manager at EDF Energy

HMRC MDTS Project - Development of an operating model for a new service including integrated processes, organisational structures, governance model and role descriptions

You joined the project to play a key role in leading the Operating model design work for the new MDTS service and your performance hasn’t disappointed. You have been able to pick up the content quickly, leverage your previous experience in organisational design and effectively lead this piece of work.


You have had to work to some challenging timescales to run focus interviews with senior stakeholders and prepare for and run a target operating model workshop which was seen as a real achievement by the client.

Imran Mahmood, Workstream Lead.

eChannels Project - Development of a new content management process and an operating model (including organisational structure, core processes and a governance structure) for a new function in the department delivering web content to schools

You have approached this area of work with great thoroughness and diligence. You clearly have a good analytical mind and this has enabled you to develop some complex processes and models for our Operating model.

Greg Morgan, Department for Children, Schools and Families echannel Manager

You have consistently made a positive impact on the programme. Without your clear and valuable contribution to the programme we would not have been able to get to the position we have been able to. You have worked outside of normal working hours to achieve our goals and have always been willing to go the extra mile to help the project and maintain client satisfaction. I cannot think of any negative observations I have had since working with you.

Gary Harding, Programme Manager

The team, including the clients, have come to depend on your delivery. You have delivered to the extent that to lose you would pose a significant risk to the project. From a “standing start” you quickly got your arms around the operating model work, working through a logical approach to capture the input and feedback from a wide variety of stakeholders and synthesising this into recommendations. The output of the initial phase of work was comprehensive and of high quality and the workshop well prepared. Likewise with the communications and change management planning, you have spent time understanding the business requirements and needs, building on earlier work and effectively ran a workshop to gain broad agreement to the proposals with the key stakeholders. Your key strengths demonstrated on the project: High degree of accuracy and attention to detail, Confidence in interacting with and presenting to a variety of senior stakeholders, Good organisation and self-management in respect of the streams of work you have been leading, Great interpersonal skills – perceived by the (demanding) clients as enthusiastic, driven, focused and accurate.

Paul Humphreys, Project Manager

HMRC ERP Programme - Definition of role allocation for the c.10,000 users of the new system

You turned around what was a poorly performing work piece, devising and facilitating workshops and meetings to get business participation and ownership,
and refining a much-needed structure and approach to deliver role allocation.

Caroline Bottoms, HMRC Grade 5

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Who we've worked with

Business training for Transport for London
EDF Energy work with Silver Bullet Business Training Solutions in London
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